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Freestanding structures bring unprecedented flexibility to architecture with its innovative style and make it possible to create unique designs.

LeanTo systems can create innovative spaces by providing an operable multi-purpose extension to an existing building or structure.

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#Tharmin Nine




Cities never stop evolving, so why would architectural design? Trade is a factor that has been a part of people’s life an deven shaped their life from past to present. And everything that shapes life, of course, shapes architecture. We define this ... Show More

Commercial -Retractable Structures  | LeanTo Retractable Structures     -Godfrey Hotel #6006


The adventure of architecture, which constantly pursues the better, continues to carry the residences far beyond being just a building that answers the need for shelter.The definiton of home began to shape with authenticity,functionality and comfort ... Show More

Residential -Retractable Structures  | FreeStanding Retractable Structures     -Coastal Maine Home #2375


Considering the architecture of industrial buildings which have a majör impacts on the economy, security, functionality, climate control and isolation are seen as the main concepts. In such structures, where the value-oriented approach stands out, ... Show More

Industrial -Retractable Skylights / Roofs  | ClearSky Retractable Skylights     -Mercedes  #5136

News about Libart

Libart is participating in the International Trade Fair BAU 2019

Libart is participating in the International Trade Fair BAU 2019

Libart will take place in BAU, the world's leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems. Proving itself as an efficient international ...

Libart’s website has been updated!

Libart’s website has been updated!

Libart which produces innovative, functional and aesthetic designs for architects and professionals introduces new user interface of their website. ...

Panora – Kinetic: “Indoor comfort, outdoor freedom”

Panora – Kinetic: “Indoor comfort, outdoor freedom”

Libart’s retracting, wind-break systems, Panora – Kinetic, eliminates unobtrusive areas and create seamless visual integrity between the view and ...

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