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Why Telesopic Vertical Retracting Wind - Break System?

- No Horizontal Profiles
- Single Pane Tempered Glass 
- Unobstructed View 
Minimal Design, Contemporary beauty                                                                          
- High Resistibility to winds 
- Stylish & Sleek

Why Panora Kinetic?

- Flexibility at your Fingertips
- Fix base or Portable
- Anti-aging, anti-corrosion
- Simple,easy to install and maintenance free
- Simple touch to open or close 
- Extensive structural support for safety 

Portable Wind Breaker with Flower Pot

Ground Fixed 
Telescopic Windbreaker

Telescopic Glass Balasturade

Glass + Balustrade with Handrail

Telescopic Glass Balustrade with Railings (KU-GF)

Telescopic Vertical Retracting Railing Portfolios

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