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Rooftop Bars, Café and Restaurants

Rooftop Bars, Café and Restaurants are the spaces that are loved by everyone. The reason for this immense appeal is the human-nature inclination to the open spaces that brings the opportunity to feel and breath within the fresh air. Another is the good view which is imperative to the mood and positive emotions that became the unique selling experience other than any restaurant and café. 

In the era of the experience economy where the customers’ expectations go far beyond the delicious food and top-notch customer service; the rooftop that furnish the comfort and perfect views have more audience. 

It is rightly said that once you have the roof top restaurant, bar or café; forget about the empty seats. However, if you don’t want that full seats trend came to end at your space in winters or harsh weather Libart operable architectural solutions will be your best partner. We have done some outstanding projects where we shape the rooftop that is indoor arena in bad weather and outdoor patio to welcome the good weather. It was appreciated by the owners due to the design that added value to the space along with the most important that is; additional revenue which was not possible before.

Retractable Structures that are customized as per the space requirements have revolutionized the Rooftop industry. Among many of the retractable products which can be used for the spaces; Libarts’ Freestanding, LeanToSolaGlide retractable systems and Panora - View Doors and Windwos are the ones which were used immensely and can be seen in the projects portfolio below.

Rooftop Bars Portfolios

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Retractable Structures for Rooftop Bars, Café and Restaurant