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Myersville Retractable System

Name: Myersville Retractable System
Number: 4328
Location: Myersville , MD, US
Solution: Private Villas
Products: Retractable Structures
Size: 8.5m x 15m (28' x 49')
Glazing: 10mm clear twin-wall PC top and rear gable end
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Owners Pete and Barb in Myersville were extremely excited over their opening pool roof. This 7 bay unit provides a private, comfortable swim and relaxation area for less money than you pay for membership in a noisy, crowded, summertime only neighborhood swim club and can be used year around.
On the practical side the elderly couple attest that they can slide the entire pool roof open and shut with ease. This allows them to control overheating exactly as our testimonials claimed it would.

The Libart telescopic roof also has allowed a largish area around the pool that’s perfect for sun bathing. The screened opening windows also absorb and trap heat, which the couple plan to take advantage of by preparing a greenhouse whilst continuing to use the side closest to the house as an entertainment area for guests and kids.  

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