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Mono Cafe

Name: Mono Cafe
Number: 3869
Location: Istanbul / Turkey
Solution: Restaurant & Cafe
Products: Telescopic Vertical Retracting Railing
Size: (w)1.50 cm x (h)1.85 cm (12 units)
Glazing: 6mm Tempered Glass
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Cafes play an important role in creating a lively environment in urban neighborhoods. Walking around the city you will find so many cafes and restaurants that are offering drinks and foods to visitors. They are the central place for socializing and hangouts where people come to relax and socialize with their peers. The cafe culture is active and tenacious in big cities. The architectural design of the cafe is vital to catch the eye of the visitor passing around. Summarizing it you can say that a cafe should be nice and comfortable enough to spend time in.
The business of cafes who are also serving outdoor depends upon the comfort level they are offering to their customers. With so many cafes around the street how you can make your cafe distinct?
Mono cafe located in Sisli, the most visited area, often referred to as downtown of Istanbul. With numbers of cafes operating at this vicinity, the mono cafe is eminent with its outdoor operating space that truly attracts the eye of the visitor. The outdoor sitting area has Libart’s Kinetic windbreak system on three sides making it a closed comfortable space to spend time in. Everyone loves to sit outside if the cafe or restaurant allows it and so did Mono cafe do. It creates a wonderful environment to sit and enjoy the time. The frameless glass balustrade that stops the wind keeps your customers connected with the surroundings while making them feel cozy. Fixed to the grounds with no frames in the center the operations of these glass balustrades is simple and painless. The vertical glass structure has no frames in the center and all the operating apparatus that includes kinetic piston hides in the frame. A single push to open automatically and a push to close balcony glass railing is the innovation that Libart is proud of. Mono cafe owner is delighted after the completion of the project. 

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