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• Designed for roof openings
• Ideal for commercial spaces that are in a need of a retractable roof with a clear opening.
• SecurTrak™ (rail) system for structural safety and ease of use.
• The flexibility of an indoor or outdoor living experience in the same area.
• Provides a spacious feel that can be easily integrated into architectural designs
• Motorized retraction, 24VDC, 220 or 380 VAC motors and extensive operating options as required by client needs.

The systems are manufactured site specifically and according to user needs from 7 base models. Once opened there is nothing left between you and the blue sky with ClearSky Retractable Skylights. 

ClearSky retractable skylights are in a need of an existing building or supporting steel structure to be built. Different from the Dome systems, these systems have their rails located on top of the roof area. With the rails connected directly to the roof surface, ClearSky Retractable Skylights provide extensive strength to snow and wind loads. 

ClearSky retractable skylights have 2 main models which have a difference of the angle of the first profile position to the roof. In the "FB" models the first profile is 90 degrees to the roof and in the "7B" models the first profile is 70 degrees to the roof. Both of the systems use SecurTrak™ systems which provide sturdiness against wind loads and structural safety.

The type of the ClearSky retractable skylights varieties depending on the span of the roof opening. The system can start with 2 segmented profiles (A7B) and go up to 8 segmented profiles (V7B).

Generic Technical Information
Special Design Libart T, C or U type / AA 6063-T6
Glazing: Insulated glass / Single Glass / Polycarbonate
Retraction: Motorized or Manuel (depending on system weight)
Maximum Span: 18m (59')
Color: RAL Powder Coat

ClearSky Retractable Skylights Portfolios

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