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Hilltown Shopping Mall

Name: Hilltown Shopping Mall
Number: 1347
Location: Istanbul / Turkey
Solution: Restaurant & Cafe
Products: Vertical Retracting Door & Window
Size: 1.5m x 1.85m / 200 Units
Glazing: 6mm tempered
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As per the research 40 percent of the consumers will pick a mall or shopping center mainly because of the restaurants present there. The realization of this trend results in more dining areas and coffee shops at the venues. This opens the opportunity doors for restaurant owners to generate more revenue by attracting more customers to visit their eatery. For every restaurant the first most important selling point is the location where it operates. Outdoor dining space is loved and priority for the customers who are visiting and for that particular space the restaurant owner is paying high rent. The question arises here for the owners; how to make this outdoor dining area more pleasant and serene in almost every weather as to fascinate the prospect and draw maximum revenue for their investment. 

Understanding the need of the owners for a cozy place and to enhance the feelings of the customers; Libart introduced Telescopic Wind Breaker Glass Balustrade that operates on kinetic energy and retracts vertically. Featuring panoramic view with no horizontal frames in the center these vertically retracting railing systems are the best option for outdoor applications as to stop high winds and offer perfect view of the surrounding. 
The outdoor restaurant located at the Hilltown shopping mall, Istanbul is now starring the Portable Flowerbox Kinetic vertical glass balustrade. Aesthetic and stylish look of these tempered glass deck railing attracts the visitor of the shopping mall place at a first glance. Kinetic opens manually and closes automatically with a simple touch. Comprising of a hidden self-charging piston system, the frameless glass balustrade eliminates the unsightly counterweights, thick profiles, cables, and pulleys that are used in the industry. The feature of portability and not fixed to the ground; these outdoor glass balustrade didn’t fall under the building law. The flower box at the bottom of the structure improves the beautification and makes the enviorment delightful. Convenient to move they can easily make your space bigger if you are thinking of expanding the seating capacity or if you are outdoor space for a season

Check out the video to see how it works:

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Hilltown Shopping Mall