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Dragos Patio

Name: Dragos Patio
Number: 4590
Location: Istanbul , TR
Solution: Private Villas
Products: Retractable Skylights / Roofs
Size: 3.6m x 7.6 m ( 11' x 24')
Glazing: Solar Ice Tipple wall PC glazing
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How does one extend their patio for 12 months?  Libart Retractable roofing with special solar control glazing, keeps the heat out in the summer, insulating you from the cold in the winter, while letting the light in.   Maintaining the same retractable feel, frames glass folding wall system for that  “indoor comfort outdoor freedom space” for you. This patio enclosure’s 3 bay patio roof retracts to allow in the sunlight and the side door expands to let in the fresh summer wind.
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Dragos Patio