Commercial Architectural Design for Hotels and Cafes

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Solution - Commercial

With bigger cities the problem is more complex where you need more space for business purpose without losing the essence of style and design. Libart creatively puts the motion in architecture to solve this problem. The modern outdoor spaces with moving structures help business owners to augment their value and stand out among their competitors. Our mission is “Outdoor Freedom, Indoor comfort”. Equipped with the latest technology and a team of innovative thinkers, we have achieved this target. We always keep in mind the architectural design blend with your existing building architecture or commercial architectural design

                        WOW FACTOR 

Libart makes it possible to modify your outdoor spaces, much like indoor spaces, but with a Unique Experience. Our retractable architectural structures not only have design flexibility and concept integrity but also minimize the burden on business expense with low energy consumption for lighting and ventilation. Moreover, operating our retractable structures is safe and secure.

 "Invest in today that your future business will thank you for"
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Retractable roofs and retractable skylights are known to create a lively ambience for a memorable experience.

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Commercial --Union Restaurant #4612
Union Restaurant

Rooftop Bars, Cafes and Restaurants

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Commercial -- Ooltewah Swim Center #4618
Ooltewah Swim Center
Aquatic, Health & Sport

Do you believe retractable pool enclosures are both stylish and necessary? Rest assured, these can give you a competitive edge too! And to think ... More

Commercial --Grill Polonez Restaurant / Palladium Tower #4047
Grill Polonez Restaurant / Palladium Tower
Restaurant & Cafe

Create more space at your business arena filling it with life and all weather seating. Restaurants and cafes are not just the places for food and drink. People want to spend time in an emotionally gratifying environment.

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Commercial --Point Bornova Shopping Mall #6686
Point Bornova Shopping Mall
Shopping Malls & Retail

Shopping malls remodel the retail business as it became the place for hangout and meet up around the globe. Mega cities have a fascinating array of malls where you do not find only shops for purchasing clothes or accessories, but most of them have coffee ... More

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