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Your Outdoor Pool can be your recreation Oasis with Libat’s AquaSun retractable enclosures! 

With AquaSun Retractable Pool Enclosures;

- Your outdoor pool can now be used up to 12 months.
- Save your money by keeping your pool cleaner and a substantial reduction in heating.
- Extremely cost-effective solution when compared to fixed Pool enclosures.
- No need to sacrifice from the pleasure of outdoors swimming, your Libart enclosure can be opened manually in minutes.
- Easy to operate no need for special electrical or mechanical Systems.
- Polycarbonate glazing protects you by filtering out 100% of suns UV radiation.
- Flawlessly engineered, quick to install, usually within 1 to 2 weeks based on your deck requirements.
- Due to retractability and transportability, in many areas, it may not require special building permits.

- Built to IBS (International Building Code) for your safety.
- Different options, for shapes, Polycarbonate glazing, Doors & Windows.
- Designed to withstand snow and wind loads as per IBS 2015, up to 200kgm2 (41psf).
- Built with Structural Aluminum (6061-T6), Baked on electrostatically powdered paint for years of problem-free usage.
- All hardware and components are stainless steel and/or non-corrosive materials.
- SecurTrak rail systems guarantee easy one side operation, guaranteed security against heavy winds. 


AquaSun Answers All Your Needs From a Pool 

AquaSun Retractable Pool Enclosure enables the pool users to enjoy the waterside all year long. It is engineered for quick installation, easy operation and safety. The glazing options of the AquaSun systems that are carried with strong aluminum profiles that increase stability yet a single person can easily push and pull the structure. It is also designed to have the optimal technical features such as shading value, UV filtering and heat protection. Residential or commercial AquaSun will answer to any problem or requirement concerning pools.

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