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Hotel & Commercial

Hotel & Commercial -Skylights / Roofs (ClearSky)     -Point Bornova Shopping Mall #6686
Project #6686

Shopping Malls

What is a shopping mall? Four walls and a roof, with all the stores that you can find? Boring right, you see this kind of shopping malls everywhere and you do not want to spend time in them. Libart retractable skylight solutions created a new kind of shopping malls. Think of a building that when the weather is suitable the roof retracts and brings outdoors to indoors. 

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Hotel & Commercial

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Cafe, Bar & Restaurant Solutions

The competition is very intense in the industry. You must be unique to attract the customers and get ahead of your competitors.  Here is a solution for you. With Libart retractable architectural solutions you are able to build cafe or restaurant areas on the garden or on top of a roof, and you will be able to use this area all year long with "indoor comfort outdoor freedom".

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Hotel & Commercial

Restaurant & Cafe -Structures (Evolution Freestanding)     -Oncu Wedding Hall #4601
Project #4601

Recreation Spaces Hotel enclosures, Hotel Roof

Libart mobile structures can help create beautiful, functional & completely retractable indoor or outdoor revenue centers. Weddings, banquets, recreational activities need no longer be divided in to indoor or outdoor venues.

Libart fixed and retractable buildings allow the revenue flow year around and shelter the convention centre from harsh weather and dirt.

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Hotel & Commercial

Hotel & Commercial -Structures (Evolution LeanTo )     -Godfrey Hotel #6006
Project #6006

Event Spaces

Community recreational centers need not be huge capital expenditures or operational drain on the people they serve. Libart fixed and retractable buildings provide the best balance of convenience and cost. They allow the community pool to be used at any point in the year, reducing costs on heating and cleaning making it a must have investment for any outdoor venue.
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Hotel & Commercial

Hotel & Commercial -Structures (Evolution Freestanding)     -Oltewah Swim Center #4618
Project #4618

Public Pools Pool Enclosures

Until now municipalities had two choices, to build low capital cost outdoor pools but with limited season and revenue, or high initial investment and operations budget with 
year-round revenue. Libart Structures provide reasonable capital cost with low operational costs that generate revenue all year
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Other Libart Solutions

Restaurant & Cafe